Michael Schumacher vector illustration (Facebook Timeline and desktop wallpaper download)

As a massive fan of F1 and Michael Schumacher, I decided to create a vector illustration of Schuey that I could print out on canvas and hang in the office. I often get a bit of stick for supporting Schuey instead of the British drivers Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton or Paul Di Resta, but at the age of 11, and before I fully understood or cared about patriotism he had me hooked with his exciting and aggressive driving style. His second stint in Formula 1 has not been the fairytale return I had hoped for, with Schuey only manage to finish two out of the first seven races.
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Logo and web design for the Bilbrough Country Classroom

Vector logo illustration for Bilbrough Country Classroom

We have just completed a logo and website design project for Yorkshire school, The Bilbrough Country Classroom. Set in 25 acres of beautiful North Yorkshire Countryside, the Bilbrough Country Classroom specialise in providing a caring and supportive learning environment for students with emotional and or behavioural issues.
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Vector portrait illustration project

vector illustration of Charlotte

We were approached by our close friend John to create a vector illustration of his girlfriend Charlotte which he could be transfered onto a large boxed canvas print. John supplied us with a photograph, although after seeing the picture we are convinced he just downloaded it from the internet as she is way out his league (ha, ha, sorry john, only kidding).
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