Coronavirus (COVID-19) Logo Design

With the world currently on lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and having thouroughly cleaned the office, implemented a new filing system and looked at numerous YouTube videos to pass the time, we thought it would be worth having a look at the various Coronavirous logos created by media outlets and businesses, and see if we could do better. Pictured above is our stab at a logo. Using a very loose interpretation of the cell structure, bold font and colour combinations, our logo carries impact to act as a warning and visually represent the seriousness of the virus. But enough about our logo, let’s take a look at what other creatives have produced.

The UN

UN COVID-19 logo
The UN’s approach to their Coronavirus logo has been to focus on the solutions to the pandemic as opposed to act as a warning. They have created a colourfull icon that reflects the global reach of the virus, whilst portraying a sense of coming together to combat it. This is done via having a globe, surrounded by people holding hands in different colours to represent the diversity of all nations and the importance of pulling together to overcome the crisis. On the outside of this is a very simplistic representation of the COVID-19 cell structure, which is being kept at bay due the joint efforts of the people/countries mentioned previously.


BBC Coronavirus Logo
Probably our favourite of the logos designed to highlight Coronavirus. Created as a monotone logo, their use of the abstract cell structure icon, with an upper case, modern serif font, combine to create a well balanced logo that is not too in your face, but also portrays a feeling of importance and reliability, which is exactly the tone a public service braodcaster should be looking for.

Sky News

SKY News Coronavirus Logo
Sky News seem to have taken the rule book and thrown it of the window. Starting with the chosen colour scheme of dark red and blue. Red and blue is a colour combination that is very hard to get right, and often classed as a bad idea. Sky do successfully use red and blue on the logos to depict their various channels, however the shades are much brighter and when combined with the heavy weight white modern text, the logos look balanced. Their Coronavirus logo however uses much darker shades of the colours which clash. The use of the circular graphic also adds to the very dark undertone of the design. We are not sure if this graphic is supposed to represent the world being overun by COVID-19 or a cell mutating, but it certainly does not seem to portray anything positive. If Sky were wanting to create a logo that immediately conveyed a sense of impending doom, hopelessness and panic in the viewer, they have certainly hit the nail on the head.

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