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Atom Bomb Chilli Sauce – Use at your own risk

When it come’s to food, “the hotter the better” we say. We put our green fingers to the test this year by growing a variety of chillies. With so many different types of chilli to choose from, we got a bit carried away and ended up growing several varieties which included Apache, Mohawk and the hottest of the lot, Naga Bhut Jolokia. Read more


Top ten logo parodies and manipulations

A companies logo is a visual representation of their business which means portraying the right look is essential in order to be taken seriously in today’s competitive market place. Large companies spend huge amounts of money on their corporate identities and branding to make sure their ethos is communicated effectively to consumers. With business practises and decisions under more scrutiny than ever before and news of scandals going round the world in next to no time thanks to the internet and social media, a companies logo is often parodied or manipulated by creative individuals to represent a story, event or scandal that may have broke about the company.
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York Graphic Designers ski trip to Soldeu 2011

As we tend to spend a large majority of our time sat behind a computer screen, the one thing that keeps us going is getting outdoors on the rare occasions our in tray is empty. Here is some footage of Sam and Mark’s 2011 ski trip to Soldeu, Andorra.
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Top ten logos gone wrong

What makes a good logo is a topic hotly discussed amongst designers. One aspect that all designers do agree on however, is that the logo must clearly represent the business it is trying to promote. This is often achieved through visual metaphors and symbols. The examples below show how this process can go horribly wrong.

an example of bad logo design

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Logorama wins at the Oscars

Mr Pringle from the Logorama film

Logorama, an animated short film by French design and animation studio H5(Hervé de Crécy, Ludovic Houpain and Francois Alaux) has scooped another major gong, this time winning the Oscar for ‘best animated short film’.
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