2012 Trackrod Rally photographs – 29th September 2012

Yesterday we went to cheer on Dave Bennett and Alistair McNeil (DBAM Rallying) as they took part in the 2012 Trackrod Rally.

As the Trackrod takes place just down the road through the forests of Dalby, Langdale and Cropton, I decided to dust off the camera and try and work on my panning technique. In some situations at a rally, such as a water splash, taking a dramatic picture that conveys the speed these cars are travelling is fairly easy, just crank up the shutter speed and when the car hits the water press the button. But if you are stood on a straight section or at a corner, a high shutter speed freezes the car against the background, creating a rather boring photograph. In these situations the best technique is to pan with the camera at a low shutter speed, which keeps the car in focus whilst blurring the background. I was fairly happy with the shots I got and Dave and Alistair managed to win the Z1 class, a successful day all round.

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