2013 Trackrod Rally photographs – 28th September 2013

On Sunday I decided I needed a break from sitting in front of the computer screen all day, so I packed up the camera and set off to Dalby Forest to cheer on Dave Bennett and Alistair McNeil from DBAM Rallying who were competing in the 2013 BTRDA Trackrod Rally.

It wasn’t looking good from the start. When we arrived at Grisdale we were turned away due to not being part of the support crew. While the marshall was distracted passing on this news to some other rally fans, Linda (Dave’s mum) floored it past the marshall and tore off down the forest track in a cloud of dust.

We arrived at the corner in Grisdale just in time to see the cars from Dave and Alistairs class (1400cc) come through. The lads from DBAM Rallying were through third, and looked noticeably quicker than their rivals when taking the tight right hander.

In order to make it up to Langdale in time to see the lads on the next stage we had to leave just as the WR1 cars starting coming through. As we arrived at Langdale, news came through that the lads had retired due to a broken driveshaft, which was a shame as they had set the joint fastest time on the first stage for their class. As I was full of cold, rather than stick around and get some shots off the other cars I opted for a trip to the pub for a medicinal pint or two.

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