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Atom Bomb Chilli Sauce – Use at your own risk

When it come’s to food, “the hotter the better” we say. We put our green fingers to the test this year by growing a variety of chillies. With so many different types of chilli to choose from, we got a bit carried away and ended up growing several varieties which included Apache, Mohawk and the hottest of the lot, Naga Bhut Jolokia.

As we were a bit unsure of the outcome, we planted 2-3 of each variety, all of which grew well and left us with a huge crop. A super hot chilli sauce seemed the obvious solution to use up some of the chillies, so we got our aprons on and got busy in the kitchen.

Super hot it certainly was, and sat in it’s jar in the cupboard it seemed to be missing something, a warning label. As designing is our thing, we got busy creating not only a label, but a logo as well, deciding on the name Atom Bomb to reflect the impact of being stupid enough to try it.

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