Big Brands UK get branded!

Leeds online clothing retailer Big Brands new logo

We have just completed a logo design and branding project for a new internet clothing company called Big Brands UK. Big Brands UK sell designer casual clothing, and tasked York Graphic Designers with producing a logo that had impact, and would appeal to young adults.

After a bit of research, we discovered that there were literally hundreds of companies who’s logo incorporated two B’s in one way or another. After a bit of head scratching we designed a bespoke symbol using the company initials. By placing a lower case b inside an upper case b, we created a symbol unique to Big Brands UK. Once the symbol was created and we had received approval from the client, we set about finding the best way to incorporate it into the logo. The online clothing industry is a very competitive market and Big Brands needed a modern, bright logo that would get them noticed. We suggested that creating the logo in both landscape and portrait orientations would give them far more flexibility when used across various media. We also created the logos in a range of vibrant colours, which enabled Big Brands to make their website dynamic, and visually interesting, with the use of different colour schemes.