Ecological building company ecohome construction get a new logo

ecohomes new logo

We have just finished designing a logo for the Yorkshire based ecological building company, Ecohome Construction. They approached York Graphic Designers with a clear idea of how they wanted their logo to look, and tasked us with transforming their idea into the finished artwork.

The main visual element of the logo was to include a builder/constuction worker, standing next to a house made up of jig-saw styled blocks. We put pen to paper and came up with a rough visual, which was then scanned in and tweaked in illustrator to create the finished vector graphic. Green seemed the obvious choice of colour as it reflected the core values of the business, and using two different shades helped to create depth and give the logo more impact. We chose a modern, sans serif font in lowercase for the logos text, as this helped to emphasize the companies forward thinking attitude and commitment to creating homes that are both ecological and efficient.