Healthy weight brochure design for NHS North Yorkshire

a brochure we designed for York NHS healthy weight programme

Working closely with NHS North Yorkshire, we have just completed the design of a healthy weight booklet; a pocket sized brochure to help people make healthier choices about the foods they eat.

Using the Food Standards Agency traffic light labeling system, the booklet provides individuals with all the information they need to enable them to make healthier choices quickly and easily. Rather than the usual one size fits all (excuse the pun) approach to weight loss, each candidate is allocated their own portion allowance based on factors such as age, height, weight and current activity levels.

As peoples weight is such a delicate subject, we felt that the design should not be too formal. A formal design may give the impression of a very stringent weight loss programme, and ultimately, put off potential users. Instead we opted for a colourful, informal design, which we hoped would engage the users, and make using the booklet an enjoyable experience rather than a chore.