Is your companies image worth more than a pair of jeans?

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We were recently contacted by a local company who wanted a quote for a logo design. Having worked in this industry for 15 years I pride myself on being able to distinguish potential clients from potential time wasters, and this enquiry flagged up as the later.

“How much do you charge for a ‘simple’ text logo” was all the information I had to go on. The word ‘simple’ always sets off the alarms, after all if it was that ‘simple’ they would not be contacting a professional. I sent off an email based on the limited information I had been supplied, detailing the costs of our standard logo design package. Included in this package is full research into a companies industry sector to make sure the logo we design hits the right tone and is unique, 3 concept designs (although we have been known to produce 8 or 9 if we are on a flow), unlimited revisions and the supply of the finished logo in vector and various sized jpeg file formats. Offering unlimited revisions means the amount of time spent getting from concept to completion usually ranges between 15-20 hours. So we were a bit taken aback when received a reply saying that another York based ‘design’ company would produce the logo for £25, yes £25!!.

I am a great believer in ‘you get what you pay for’ and people are free to choose a company based on whatever criteria they see fit (usually price), but £25 does not even buy you half decent pair of jeans nowadays, and surely anyone serious about their corporate identity would expect to pay a little more than that. Needless to say we were grateful to find out at an early stage that we were wasting our time and wish which ever ‘design’ company that has taken on the project all the best, as charging prices like that they are going to need it. Right i’m off to buy a pair of jeans.

If you need advice or would like a logo producing and have a budget bigger than £25 contact York Graphic Designers on 07821 074637.

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  1. Jake Murphy
    Jake Murphy says:

    Basically want a logo designed for my company which is a boutique, high end, corporate lettings company.
    No idea where to start for a logo but i want to re brand things properly.

    Let me know whats the best way forward.

    Kind regards,



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