Leg(er) Up The Rankings


We have recently completed an SEO audit and Search Engine Optimisation overhaul for local York Kitchen Company Leger Interiors.

Leger already had a website up and running that they were happy with visually when they approached York Graphic Designers, but felt that it was not performing well enough on the search engines such as Google with regards to the number of online enquires they were receiving. Being York’s longest standing independent kitchen retailer, Leger have built a fantastic reputation for the quality of their kitchen installations and the excellent customer service they provide. Leger tasked York Graphic Designers with improving their web presence and achieving a higher position on the search engines.

During the website SEO audit we noticed that some of the key on page ranking factors had not been implemented. Working through the website page by page, we created a ‘To Do’ list and set about ticking them off. These improvements will not cause an instant increase in a websites position, but after only two weeks the Leger Interiors website has climbed over 50 places and continues to rise.

There is no sure fire way of guaranteeing a high organic position on Google, but there are a number of ranking factors such as unique relevant content, social media profiles and backlinks that when combined correctly can hugely improve the position of a website on Google. As ranking factors are constantly changing, it is a good idea to employ the services of an SEO specialist to continually monitor and tweak your website to ensure it is adhering to best SEO practices. It is far easier and cheaper to maintain a high ranking position with continual adjustment than it is to recover from a large drop.

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