Michael Schumacher vector illustration (Facebook Timeline and desktop wallpaper download)

As a massive fan of F1 and Michael Schumacher, I decided to create a vector illustration of Schuey that I could print out on canvas and hang in the office. I often get a bit of stick for supporting Schuey instead of the British drivers Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton or Paul Di Resta, but at the age of 11, and before I fully understood or cared about patriotism he had me hooked with his exciting and aggressive driving style. His second stint in Formula 1 has not been the fairytale return I had hoped for, with Schuey only manage to finish two out of the first seven races.

I created the illustration by painstakingly tracing a photograph of Schumacher in Illustrator. The Illustration needed to be created as vector graphic as I wanted to output the final artwork on a canvas over one meter long. There are tools built into Illustrator that automatically create vector graphics from photographs at the click of a mouse but the results are often very poor.

I thought I would share the illustration with other Michael Schumacher fans out there and so have created a banner that can be used in Facebook’s Timeline feature and also as a desktop wallpaper.

Facebook Timeline

To download the image sized correctly for Facebook’s Timeline click here. Once the image has opened, right click on the image and select save to desktop.

Desktop wallpaper

To use the image as a desktop wallpaper, select the correct image size for your monitor from the options below. Once the image has opened, right ckick on the image and select ‘Set as background’ from the menu.
1680 x 1050
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768

3 replies
  1. Florian
    Florian says:

    Thanks a lot mate – I love what you made there. Such a shame Michael won’t continue his career now but he nevertheless will retire as one of the greatest drivers this sport has ever seen. Gonna use your image for my facebook timeline!

    • YGDNEW11
      YGDNEW11 says:

      Cheers, glad you like it. Gutted Michael’s retiring without a win, but he did technically get a pole at Monaco and has been on the podium so not all bad

  2. Mrs Gail j Gray
    Mrs Gail j Gray says:

    I have throughly enjoyed every race Michael has done since 1991, i miss him he always gave me exciting weekends but now he has retired for the 2nd time formula 1 has lost a great sporting hero, and the sparkle in formula 1 has been put out as i find it quite boring, i hope Seb Vettel becomes world champ as he and Michael are the best formula 1 drivers in the world, when i meet Michael again for the 4th time i shall tell him how much he means to me. god speed Michael and all the best for the future.


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