Song Pop – The new Angry Birds?

At YGD towers we have become hooked on a new app available for all smart phones called Song Pop. If you are old enough to remember the first commercial Concorde flight taking off, the premise of the game is very much the same as the TV game show Name That Tune. If not, well it’s basically a one on one competition to see who can identify a song or artist the quickest from a 10 second clip of music. The answers are selected by means of multiple choice.

When a new game begins, the first player selects a category of music on which their playlist of songs will be based. 5 songs are played to the first player who selects their answers from the multiple choice options. The challenge is then sent to the second player who hears the same 5 songs and aims to select the song or artist in a quicker time than his opponent. During the second players turn they can see the points total of their opponent add up as each song is played which really helps to give the game a live feel, and often causes you to make rash decisions to try and catch up.

When both players have taken their turn the points are added up and the winner is declared, receiving three coins and the looser scoring one. These coins are collected and enabled the players to unlock different genres of music. I did wonder how FreshPlanet (the creators of the app) generated any revenue as the app is a free download, but for those whose musical knowledge is more Ken Dodd than Ken Bruce, additional playlists can be purchased using a credit card or PayPal account.

Song Pop is based entirely on playing another human opponent over an internet connection which means there is no single player campaign. The app can be integrated into your Facebook page which enables you to challenge anyone in your friends list by means of sending them an app request. Even if your friends ignore the app request (let’s be honest, we all do it, bloody Farmville) all is not lost as you can challenge specific players by entering their username, or just settle for playing other members if the human race totally at random.

Overall it’s a very simple idea and a large amount of fun. Competing against your friends makes the game highly addictive, and the ability to unlock different playlists to suit your musical tastes means it great fun for everyone, from wanna be gansta rappers to rock gods.

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