Top ten logo parodies and manipulations

A companies logo is a visual representation of their business which means portraying the right look is essential in order to be taken seriously in today’s competitive market place. Large companies spend huge amounts of money on their corporate identities and branding to make sure their ethos is communicated effectively to consumers. With business practises and decisions under more scrutiny than ever before and news of scandals going round the world in next to no time thanks to the internet and social media, a companies logo is often parodied or manipulated by creative individuals to represent a story, event or scandal that may have broke about the company.

Here we have compiled a top ten list of some of the most creative examples of logo parodies and manipulations.

10. Pepsi

In 2008 Pepsi underwent a rebrand. The new logo continues to use the red and blue circle first featured in 1962, and features a white stripe running through the middle to loosely represent a smile. Fizzy drinks companies come in for a lot of stick due to the high sugar content of their products and in this example their logo has been manipulated to portray what happens when people drink too many cans of Pepsi.

9. McDonalds

Just like Pepsi, McDonalds are a big player on the global market and often criticised for a rise in obesity and promoting an unhealthy diet. There have been many behind the scenes documentaries charting what exactly goes into McDonalds products that enables them to be sold so cheaply. Many people have been put off McDonalds products and a simple manipulation of the famous golden arches sums this up perfectly.

8. Office of Government Commerce – OGC

The Office of Government Commerce OGC came in for a bit of stick when they launched their new logo. Their tagline was ‘Keeping a firm grip on Government spending’ and by rotating through 90 degrees this message took on a whole new meaning.

7. Toyota

Between 2009 and 2011 Toyota issued three separate recalls of millions of cars due to a fault which caused unintended acceleration. Here their logo has been parodied to represent the largest ever recall by a car manufacturer, and is based on the 1980’s Arnold Schwarzenegger film, Total Recall.

6. Enron

To date, The collapse of Enron is the biggest scandal in the history of US capitalism. The company was exposed as being rotten at the highest level, and due to ‘future value accounting’ they collapsed with thousands of employees loosing their entire retirement funds. They also created the California Energy Crisis, plunging California into darkness with rolling blackouts and selling power re-routed through Texas back to California at a much higher rate. Here their logo has been manipulated to show the value of Enron running down the drain.

5. Bank of America

Bank of America are the largest financial institution in the United States. In 2008 the company hit the headlines after the purchase of Merrill Lynch & Co. It is said that top executives at Bank of America hid Merrill Lynch & Co.s huge losses from shareholders. The losses were reported to be in the region of $16 billion and forced Bank of America to be bailed out by the American taxpayer at a figure thought to be between $20 – $50 billion. It didn’t take long for someone to parody their logo with the term ‘Bankrupting America’.

4. BP

In 2010 BP were responsible for the biggest ever environmental disaster in US history. On April 20th 2010, the Deep Water Horizon deep sea drilling platform caught fire and sank, producing the largest oil slick in American history. Oil was leaking out at 200,000 gallons per day and took nearly 3 months to cap, causing extensive damage to marine and wildlife habitats. Here their logo has be parodied to represent this huge environmental catastrophe.

3. London 2012 Olympics logo

In 2007 the logo for the London 2012 Olympic was unveiled to a less than impressed UK public. The logo was designed by Wolff Olins, at a cost reported to be £400,000. It received a mauling by the public, and in a poll on the BBC website 80% of people gave the logo the lowest possible rating. Never before has a logo created such a negative response, causing one individual to take to his computer and create his own interpretation of the which echoes the opinion of the majority of the UK public.

2. Tiger Woods

Being one of the largest sporting stars on the planet, Tiger woods has a large range of merchandise featuring his distinctive TW monogram. After the scandal broke about his antics off the golf course, someone has subtly altered the logo to represent the true Tiger Woods. A bit rude, but very funny.

1. Apple / Steve Jobs

Our favourite logo parody has not been created to reflect a scandal that has hit a company, but to pay tribute to Apple founding member and CEO Steve Jobs after his untimely death on October 5th 2011. Created by 19-year-old Hong Kong based designer Jonathan Mak, the logo was an instant hit online with fans of Steve Jobs and Apple products.

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