Top ten logos gone wrong

What makes a good logo is a topic hotly discussed amongst designers. One aspect that all designers do agree on however, is that the logo must clearly represent the business it is trying to promote. This is often achieved through visual metaphors and symbols. The examples below show how this process can go horribly wrong.

an example of bad logo design

10. Junior Jazz Dance Classes – At first glance this appears fairly innocent, but a closer look at the figures dancing reveals they have made a bit of a boob.

9. Kudawara Pharmacy – I have heard of alternative medicine, but this is going a bit too far.

An example of two badly designed logos

8. Clinica Dental – The dental services offered in Spain seem to be a bit extreme.

7. Instituto de Estudos Orientais – Produced for a Brazilian university to promote their centre for oriental studies, the intended scene of an oriental house infront of a rising sun screams something else entirely.

how not to design a logo

6. A-Style – It certainly is a style.

5. The Computer Doctors – I can’t believe that no-one noticed how the supposed mouse looks very like something else. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when the penny dropped.

two examples of logo disasters

4. Kids Exchange – I know kids grow up fast nowadays but I don’t think they are quite ready for this. A little more space between the S and the E is needed.

3. Arlington Pediatric Centre – This logo actually made it onto the signage outside the business, before someone pointed out that the illustration could be miss interpreted.

Office of Government Commerce logo disaster

2. Office of Government Commerce – It just goes to show that even the goverment can get it wrong (actually that’s not such a surprise). This logo was produced by a top London design agency at a reported cost of £14,000 (a great use of tax payers money). At the unveiling for OGC staff, it was pointed out that by rotating the logo through 90 degrees the intended message of ‘keeping a firm grip on Government spending’ took on a whole new meaning.

Megaflicks takes the number 1 spot for a badly designed logo

The Winner, Megaflicks – You could be forgiven for thinking that this video rental store specialise in under the counter titles. Oh i see it’s not a U, I thought it said MEGA…