Vector portrait illustration project

vector illustration of Charlotte

We were approached by our close friend John to create a vector illustration of his girlfriend Charlotte which he could be transfered onto a large boxed canvas print. John supplied us with a photograph, although after seeing the picture we are convinced he just downloaded it from the internet as she is way out his league (ha, ha, sorry john, only kidding).

Programmes such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop have filters designed to do this at the click of a button, but the results are pretty poor to say the least.

We painstakingly traced the photograph in illustrator, using different layers for the various skin tones to add depth. John had mentioned that he and Charlotte had recently had a disagreement regarding the decoration of their front room, with Charlotte insisting on having one wall covered in ornate patterned wallpaper so this seemed the obvious choice for the background of the Illustration. After a few thousand clicks of the mouse the illustration was complete, getting a big thumbs up from both John and Charlotte.