Website design for local bespoke kitchen design company, Ashton’s of York

Ashton/s of York new website

We have just completed a website design project for York kitchen fitting and design company, Ashton’s of York. While working on a previous logo design and branding project for Ashton’s, we established some corporate guidelines, which were to be used in the creation of all future communication materials to ensure that the Ashton’s brand was consistent and easily recognisable.

After a quick meeting to discuss the best way to achieve a successful online presence, we had clearly marked out what was required. Ashton’s wanted all users of their website to be struck by the high quality of the kitchens and service they provide, which we achieved by creating a large slide show containing images of recently completed projects. The original brief was to have just the logo and slide show on the homepage, which we advised against, due to it’s negative effective on search engine optimisation, as there is very little content for a search engine to index. We reached a compromise by designing the front page to contain the logo, navigation bar and slide show at the top, which would be the only elements immediately visible when viewing the page on a 17″ desktop monitor, or 15″ laptop (the most common current screen sizes). The user would then be able to scroll down to see the content that was essential to gain a high ranking within the search engine results. Another technique to increase a websites position on Google (other search engines are available) is to have fresh unique content. On the front page we created a small ‘Latest News’ section to contain articles about the latest goings on at Ashton’s. This meant that every time google came to index the website, it noticed that there was new content, meaning it was far more likely to come back and re-index the website sooner than a competitor who had no new content on their site. This is a good way to move above a competitors website which has consistently placed well within the search engine results.

The site also included individual galleries for completed projects which could be accessed from both the home page and gallery page. We are currently in the process of designing a bespoke furniture page which will soon be made live.

Visit website: Ashton’s of York