Website design for monogram and jewellery designers, Signature Designs

The new website we designed of Signature Designs

We have just launched a website for York jewellery and monogram designers, Signature Designs. Signature designs specialise in producing high quality, bespoke monograms that can be used at weddings/events on items such as invitations, orders of service, balloons, thank-you cards, key-rings and much more. The monograms can also be used to make a wide range of very high quality bespoke pieces of jewellery.

Before we started on the website we were provided with some professional photographs of various jewellery pieces that had been produced by Signature Designs. The photographs were taken by Nigel Murgatroyd and really showcased the high quality of their work. The products in the photographs were set against a black background, so we decided to continue this limited colour palette throughout the website to create a very clean, modern and concise look.

A main requirement of the website was the ability for customers to purchase a monogram or custom piece of jewellery. We created order forms with various options to enable potential customers to easily place an order online without the need to contact Signature Designs via phone or email.

If you are interested in having a custom monogram or logo producing for a special event or wedding, or would like to commission your very own bespoke piece of jewellery, visit the Signature Designs website.