Website re-design for York Against Motor Neurone Disease

website design for local charity York Against Motor Neurone Disease

A close friend from local charity York Against Motor Neurone Disease (YAMND) asked York Graphic Designers to take a look at their website, and devise with suggestions on how to improve the design and overall user experience.

York Against Motor Neurone Disease is a charity that provides practical help and support for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) patients and their families. The services provided by YAMND are only made possible by generous donations from individuals and local companies, and we were only too happy to provide our web design and hosting services for no charge to such a good cause. After taking a look and the website, we noted a few areas that could be improved and decided that the best way to implement these changes would be to give the site a total overhaul, and start from scratch.

The main factor to consider when designing a website for a charity or non-profit organisation is that the information is the key element; therefore the website needs to be clean and easy to navigate. In order to create a professional, clean website, the first thing that should be considered is the colour palette. We decided that a limited palette of three or four colours would help to create the uncluttered, minimalist look we required. The colour of the YAMND logo is blue: a colour that symbolises intelligence, reassurance and trust, making it an ideal choice. The complimentary colour for blue is yellow/orange. These colours convey warmth and symbolise health. If used in moderation, they provide an emotional lift – appropriate for the core aim of the charity. We decided upon white for the website background as it represents cleanliness and spirituality. When it is used as a background colour, it helps to focus attention on other colours and text.

Another aspect that we thought should be included on the website was a latest news section. As the main purpose of the website is to provide information regarding MND, we thought this would be a useful way of keeping visitors to the website updated about the latest meetings, fundraising events and MND treatments.

We were very happy with the finished website and have received very positive feedback from the YAMND officials.

“I knew Mark as a young, talented graphic designer and asked if he could assist our local charity, York and District Against Motor Neurone Disease ( YAMND ), in updating our rather tired website.
Mark was given access to the website, a few guidelines as to what we were looking for and left to do all the hard work. Mark knew nothing about MND ( Motor Neurone Disease ) or the affect it has on people, but he did his own research and within weeks we had a new vibrant website up and running. The graphics were appropriate and the site fresh, modern and easy to use.
We now have people accessing the site for information and details of events, exactly what we were looking for. Many comments have come from people involved in the charity who are now using the website and finding it much more user friendly. Mark has been a pleasure to work with and YAMND would like to thank him for all his hard work and wish York Graphic Designers continued success.”

Hazel Allison – Chairperson of York Against Motor Neurone Disease