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What’s the difference between a logo, corporate identity and brand?

People often confuse the process of creating a logo, with creating a brand. Clients often ask York Graphic Designers to help create them a brand, and while in most cases we realise it is just a logo they require, it is one of those annoying little inaccuracies. There have been thousands of in-depth articles written about the subject, but here is our brief explanation.

What is a logo?

A logo is visual representation of a business. Generally featuring the company name, and sometimes other graphical elements and emblems. A logo when designed correctly should be instantly recognisable and trigger a positive reaction from the viewer.

famous logos

Companies such as Nike and Shell have managed to create logos that are instantly recognisable without featuring the company name.

What is a Corporate Identity?

A Corporate Identity, or Corporate ID as it is more commonly referred to by those in the design industry, is a development of the logo design which covers the look of all marketing materials such as business stationery, website, brochures, signage, adverts etc. in an aim to make everything look uniform and instantly recognisable to consumers.

corporate identity for RENEW

Above is an example of a Corporate Identity that we created for York kitchen company, ReNEW.

What is a Brand?

A brand is an ethos or concept that companies try to sell to their customers, not a fancy logo. It is a psychological and emotional response that is associated to a particular company or product from a consumer, that is generated through personal experience or word of mouth, both positive and negative.

apple worlds number 1 brand

The world’s No.1 brand Apple have achieved the top spot by creating elegant, innovative products that consumers associate with style and quality. Many new Apple products sell out months before their release due to consumers trust in the brand.

As I said, the above is an explanation of the differences in its simplest form, but hopefully that will have cleared up any misconceptions people may have had.

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