York flood photographs – 27th September 2012

This morning I got up early and went into town to get some photographs of York under water. It’s not an unusual sight to see the River Ouse flooded, but after torrential rain earlier in the week it was thought this could be the worst flood on record.

The river was due to reach it’s peak at 8am this morning, but from what I witnessed, the flood defences seemed to be doing there job and the river eventually peaked at just over 5 metres above normal levels, not quite as bad as the November 2000 flood which reached 5.4 metres.

It was quite a sight to see Clifford’s Tower with a moat, and I could not help but see the irony of a poster for a performance of ‘Singin In The Rain’ on the side of the flooded Grand Opera House. I obviously went and got the picture of the Kings Arms underwater, which seems to be used by every news network whenever the country is hit with a substantial downpour.

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